Loan Programs

The following is a partial list of programs offered by EZ Qualify with a brief description of the key elements of each. For a complete list of the programs that we offer, please contact us at 408-573-1100. Update 9/1/2008 NOTE: This list is no longer maintained due to changes in the market.


Challenged Credit Loans

These mortgages are for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. They can vary from slightly damaged credit to severely damaged. Regardless of your situation, we have a mortgage that will get you back on track.

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CHF Access Loan Program

  • Eligible with 30 Year Fixed interest rate FHA Mortgage
  • Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance through a low and fixed interest rate
  • Financing up to 99.5%
  • Down Payment = .5% of Purchase Price!!!
  • NOT restricted to first-time homebuyers.
  • Low to Moderate Income "Ok"
  1. Owner Occupied
  2. Primary Residence in CA (Only)
  3. SFR's
  4. Agency Approved Condos "Ok"
Restrictions and Terms
  1. A 99.5% total financing utilizing the CHF Access Program is based on the combination of a 30 year fixed rate FHA first and a 15 year fixed rate CHF Access second.
  3. Income Limits:
    • San Francisco County: $ 121,920
    • Santa Clara County: $ 124,320
    • San Mateo County: $ 121,920
    • Santa Cruz County: $ 102,960
    • Alameda County: $ 110,760

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Traditional loan programs that usually require 5% down and offer competitive interest rates. Documentation and fair-to-good credit are necessary.

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Conventional EZ5DOWN

This program is great for your prime borrowers that you can't get approved with FHA. Any mortgage banker WITHOUT a DE underwriter has to go back-and-forth to make sure they can sell the loan without getting stuck with the paper. Here's a quick comparison between what this program CAN do for you:

  • 417k conventional program
  • 41% DTI maximum
  • 680 fico score (720 score can allow ratios up to 45%)
  • borrowers must attend a first time buyer class

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Credit Problems

Troubled credit? Bankruptcy? Been turned down somewhere else? We offer loan programs for customers with credit problems.

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DAPS (Down-payment Assistant Programs)

We do offer DAP programs, note that the minimum required down payment for most properties is 3%, and if FHA 3.5%. There's a whole bunch we can work with such as WelcomeHome San Jose (formerly CalHome), MCC/MAP, ESCO, CCAP. We can do these programs only with a 35-45 day close of escrow and only if there are no issues with the borrower or property (collateral).

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Delayed Financing Exception

If you have been paying cash for your property in the last 6 months, then you can use our latest mortgage allowance, which is known as Delayed Financing. Recently, the standard 6-month prerequisite of purchasing home has been eliminated.

The delayed financing rule was basically introduced by Fannie Mae's selling guide in 2011. With the passage of time, the waiting period of 6 months was also removed, which made delayed financing very popular amongst real estate investors.

There are certain qualifying criteria, which needs to be met:

  • The new mortgage loan amount couldn't be more than the actual documented property purchase price along with the financing of closing costs, prepaid fees and points, depending upon the LTV/CLTV/HCLTV
  • The original purchase of the property must be arms-length
  • The transaction should be documented by using original HUD-1 showing that the sale occurred and no mortgage financing was used
  • The sources of funds for the purchase contract needs to be documented, which include bank statements, personal loan documents, HELOC on other property etc.
  • A title search should also be documented showing that no liens exist on the property
  • There is also a limit of 70% LTV for real estate investors apart from those who have financed more than four properties. The LTV limit for those investors is of 65%

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This just in, a way to bypass the 30% equity rule. We have a program where upgraders can buy bigger and not have equity and count the rental income. For example, someone that has a townhouse that is upside down will be able to upgrade to a single family. Prior to this program we had to document and show 30% equity because Fannie and Freddie wanted to make sure they didn't walk away. Now with this program as long as they have adequate documented reserves we can count the rental income when they convert their primary to a rental.

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FHA-insured Loans

  • Cash out debt consolidation up to 85% LTV (with a 2nd up to 100% CLTV)
  • Manual (old days) underwrite of files with mortgage lates, or borrowers with minimal tradelines
  • 3.5% down payment
  • Mortgage insurance alternative for non-Fannie condo projects - YES we can do FHA spot condo approvals!
  • Mortgage insurance alternative when mortgage insurance companies decline due to ratios over 50%
  • No add-ons for LTV tiers; loan amounts have minimal add-ons.
  • 57% debt to income ratio
  • We have the ability to get condos projects approved
  • 3 year seasoned foreclosure or short sale - NO PROBLEM!

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FHA Streamline Program

Still the fastest FHA program available, 6 months seasoning required from purchase date and mortgage history rating. Verification of employment required and 640 minimum fico score (for fastest service).

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FHA Rehab

Did your real estate transaction fall apart because of a bad appraisal? Is the property REO and the lender doesn't want to fix anything? Check out the FHA 203(k) rehab program - it's a great way to finance and allow the new owner to have 6 months to fix up the property. We have 2 versions - the quick streamline $35,000 version and the full blown, kitchen needs drywall and cabinets version. The last version was hard to get but we are doing it. It acts almost like a construction loan in that there is an FHA consultant on the file and a series of draws. RETAIL does not have this program.

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Flex 97%

Similar to FHA, but without maximum mortgage amount limitations. Must be a single family, owner occupied home and borrower must have a credit score of over 680.

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Flexible Rental Income Rules

If you are looking for a mortgage loan, your rental income can also help in getting you financing at better terms. The borrower's income is one of the most important factors that are determined by a lender in order to give you a mortgage loan. Lenders want to ensure that you would be able to repay the loan. The higher the income, the less risky you would be in the eyes of a lender and you would pay a lower interest rate or down payment. You can use rental income on subject property (that you are buying) to help qualify. This is huge because Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America do not have this niche.

  • Rental income on the subject investment property must be fully documented (appraiser will order the rental survey)
  • No Landlord History is required.*
  • No property management history is required.
  • No rental income on tax returns are needed.*

EZQualify helps the borrower to get loans based upon their rental income history. Unlike other financial institutions, we do not have any restrictions and we also consider the rental income on subject property with no history of being a landlord. The debt ratio maximum is 45% which could include FUTURE RENTS. We don't expect this niche to last too long.

* in most cases unless the borrower has a lower credit profile.

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Foreign National Program

EZQualify offers exciting financing solutions to the citizens of other countries with valid passports and visas. Foreign nationals can borrow from $100,000 to $650,000.

  • Eligible properties include SFR, condos, town houses and row homes
  • Especially designed for borrowers with strong credit profiles and significant reserves
  • 65% LTV for foreign national borrowers
  • Flexible loan terms
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Available in selected markets

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High Debt Ratio Loans

A ratio of monthly bills to monthly income higher than 50% is considered a high debt ratio. Loan programs are available for borrowers in this situation, allowing them to finance the purchase of a home or property.

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We can do higher loan amounts conventional up to 47% debt ratio (not guaranteed, must have over 700 fico); and conventional 417,000 can go up to 49%.

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Investor Loans

Used to finance 1-4 family properties that will be for investment with as little as a 20% down payment. Aggressively priced, these programs have many variations, including: No Doc, Limited Doc, and Full Doc. Program may not be available in some states.

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Jumbo Loans

Offers 30 and 15 year fixed rate mortgage and competitive ARM products with full document, alternate documentation and limited documentation.

Cash out and No cash out refinance are allowable. Single family detached, Condo's, PUD's and single-family second homes can be financed with no prepayment penalty.

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MI Buyout Program

At EZQualify, we have a unique niche called Single Pay MI buyout, which is a situation where the entire cost of the insurance is paid by the borrower with a single payment at the time of closing. This type of MI allows you to pay a bigger portion at the start and after that, there would be NO MONTHLY MI payment.

Single Pay MI is an Exclusive Product where a borrower can put down 10% or 5% on a house, with 720-760 FICO scores and have no mortgage insurance.

Benefits of Single Pay MI

  • This allows you to save on monthly
  • No need to have to refinance the customer again to get rid of MI
  • If one would compare it with monthly insurance; they will find that it equal out within two years
  • They could be used best as seller concessions. The seller can offer a small percentage (lets say3-4%) that will cover a non-refundable payment for the borrower. In this way, the borrower won’t have to make an MI payment ever.

In most cases the single pay option beats FHA in terms of a lower payment, plus helps the borrower qualify due to lack of monthly payment.

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MORETHAN4 (multiple)

New for 2011 - we can do up to 10 financed properties if the subject property is an investment. We can do unlimited if the property is owner occupied.

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No Doc Foreign National Program

Key Features

  • No US Income - OK
  • No Proof of Foreign Income - OK
  • No US Credit - OK
  • NO Social Security - OK
  • No Citizenship - OK
  • Non Primary Residence Properties Only
  • Only Require Passport for Identification
  • Max 55% LTV
  • Loans up to 2 Million

Eligible Property Types:

  • Residential SFR, Condo, Townhome, Condo, 1-4 Units
  • Multifamily, Mixed USe, Office Bldg, Office Condo, Retail

Areas of Lending:

Residential: CA, AZ, NV, OR, ID, CO AND UT

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Reverse Mortgages

A legal non-option arm way to provide older folks with steady income upon retirement. Must be 62 years of age and own the property free and clear.

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Second Mortgage Loans

Subordinate to the first mortgage, these loans offer the borrower the ability to get money for home improvement, debt consolidation, or many other reasons without disturbing their first mortgage. Convenient when you have a low interest first mortgage.

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Unpermitted Addition Loan Program


“An unpermitted addition or conversion occurs when there is a failure to obtain a local/municipal entity building permit.”

If you are a borrower and you are looking for financing on a subject property; you will need to address any unpermitted additions or conversions on the property (legal or illegal). They are checked as per the particular situation of the borrower and subject property, such as:

  • The unpermitted additional or converted area needs to be covered by appropriate hazard insurance
  • The properties that have unpermitted additions or conversions and meet all the appraisal requirements except comparable sale requirements will be acceptable at underwriter's discretion.  
  • Properties with unpermitted additions or conversions that meet all the appraisal requirements won't require any adjustment to the value of the property.

EZQualify allows financing on these type of properties in most cases provided that the borrower puts down 30%.  If there are health and safety issues, the underwriter at their discretion may require certain items addressed.

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VA Mortgages

Backed by the Veterans Administration and the federal government, it is similar to FHA except that you have to be a qualified Veteran or military person.

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